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The Master Planning of Mountain Danxia Scenic Area

Mountain Danxia Scen
Management Committee of Mountain Danxia Scenic Area of Shaoguan City
First prize in annual excellent planning project of the institute in 2009


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Plan to protect the ecological environment in a classified manner with ecological expansion model, so as to meet the strict conservation demand of scenic spot being both a nature reserve and natural reserve. Plan to adopt the service facilities layout of "tourism zone inside and living outside", advocate environmentally friendly ecological tourism, protect the natural environment and rural ecology of scenic area, and coordinate the contradiction between tourism economy and ecological benefit. By virtue of GIS assistance, plan to use the sight safety pattern theory to construct the landscape system; in view of Danxia’s discrete-type landform, organize touring and partition management planning according to different units; emphasize on the participation touring items, carry out sightseeing, viewing, scientific investigation, adventure, hunting, fishing, ecological agriculture and other ecological tourism projects, and exploit the enjoyment of unique landscape resources of scenic spot in a reasonably and distinctive manner. Put forward and implement the integrated concept of scenic area development and rural construction, make idyllic scenery and characteristic villages become the complementary resources of tourism, promote the social and economic structure adjustment of scenic area, the overall coordination and sustainable development of society, economy, culture and environment of scenic spot and its surrounding areas, and effectively coordinate the relationship between scenic area development and residential environment construction.

Under the guidance of this planning, “China Danxia” joint heritage application project participated by the scenic area was formally listed in the World Heritage List in August, 2010, thus becoming the eighth world natural heritage in China and the first natural heritage in Guangdong province.