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Road traffic and municipal engineering planning of Guangzhou University City (Xiaoguwei Island)

7th Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, First Prize in Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design of Guangdong province in 2005


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In the road traffic planning, we made a detailed planning for the important traffic arteries, such as central express, Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, No.4 and 7 subway line, and river-crossing tunnels as well as the effective connection with the road system within the island. In the flood control and drainage planning, we identified standard according to the control (tide) fortification standards for 2 hundred-year return period flood and the 24 hours design drainage for 20- year return period, and formed the planning principle of "scattered outlets, storage and drainage combination", "self-drainage dominated, supplemented by pump drainage", "secondary drainage, ecological river-way", "flood and waterlogging drainage, green landscape corridor". Dual water supply is recommended as the water supply planning scheme, and the brand-new idea of high quality water system has been planned in the whole island in a unified manner; meanwhile, for the efficient utilization of water resources, the non-drinking water system is also set up in a separate manner. In the drainage scheme, we put forward the secondary drainage idea of peak staggering self-drainage in combination with the regulating and storing functions of water body of lake and river, so as to reduce the setting of waterlogging drainage pumping stations as far as possible. In the aspect of sewage planning, we proposed to lead all wastewater in the island to the wastewater treatment plant for unified treatment through the lift pump station from the perspective of the sewage system partition of Guangzhou. In the aspect of electric power planning, we made the wire moving arrangement for the high-voltage line corridor in the island. Based on the protection of the island's original natural environment, we considered the balance between excavation and filling within the island in vertical planning as far as possible, and provided a detailed technical scheme comparison.

In order to beautify the city environment, reasonably use the urban underground space, and facilitate to the laying, adding, maintenance and management of engineering pipeline, we put forward the design idea of setting utility tunnel in the island's central link and main radiating line in the planning, and actively responded to the construction requirements of "first-class planning, first-class design, first-class quality, and first-class construction" of Guangzhou university city.