• ① Policy Research Series

    The institute has always been adhering to the pragmatic spirit and painstaking study. As a result, it has formed some of the brands of its own characteristics in the aspect of policy research (Figure 1), which specifically includes:

  • ②Application of Big Data

    Based on the extended application of big data technology in the planning industry in recent years, the institute has carried out a series of explorations and studies and accumulated certain achievements and experiences. By sorting out the existing research results, key emphases in work can be roughly summarized into four aspects: data standard setting, model innovation and application, multi-source data analysis, and the refined planning and design relying on big data. It can be said that the big data analysis application system in the institute has been formed initially.

  • ⑤Multiple Plans Integration

    In recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work of “Multiple Plans Integration”. In the Central Urbanization Working Conference, “National New Urbanization Plan (2014 - 2020)”, the Central Economic Working Conference, and “Overall Plan of Ecological Civilization System Reform”, they proposed to support the cities and counties to advance “Multiple Plans Integration”, draw up unified city and county spatial plannings, and form the overall requirement: one city/county, one plan, one blueprint step by step. Based on the development aspirations of governments at all levels, through the project practices in Sihui, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Yingde, Dongguan and other areas, Our institute has made a series of explorations and attempts in changing the main practices, extending the achievement contents, innovating the working methods and clarifying the key working points.

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